Movie Battles II RC1
Installation & Running Instructions

Installing & Running on a Mac.


These instructions were made on a PPC Mac G5 running Mac OS X 10.4.11, but there shouldn't be any major differences affecting game functionality between OS versions or processor generations. I have heard though that there have been some trouble with the Intel Macs, but I have no real experience to tell you that (see the ninth part of this tut for more info). I have an Intel at my disposal but is too lazy to find it out by myself...

...And sorry for the VERY funny jokes, if you can find them. ;P


  1. A Macintosh (well, duh!) running Mac OS X 10.2.6 and a third generation (G3) processor.
  2. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy (The game, you probably have that if you're looking at this page, otherwise this will do you no good).
  3. Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 1.0.1 Revision C or higher.
  4. MBII RC1 (download instructions will follow...)
  5. An internet connection (MBII is no good without one).

The First...

Jedi Academy Logo

...thing you need to do if you don't have the game is to get the game.

Then you have to either wait for it to arrive, or go get it.

And then install it. But that's another story...

The Second...

Right Click -> Get Info

...thing you need to do is to update Jedi Academy to at least 1.0.1 Revision C. You can see which version you are using by right-clicking (control+click on a one mouse button) on the "Jedi Academy MP" application and choosing "Get Info".

I only have the link for Revision E, but I'm 99 % sure that Rev C should work (Rev D can make the program crash if you disconnect from a server, so I wouldn't get it).

The Third...

Download MBII files.

...thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is to download the latest MBII build. This tutorial uses version RC1.

The downloads can be found on the MBII website in the Files section and then in the Application sub-menu.

The files you will need are listed on that page, there are two files, the first is for Windows only, so ignore that one. The other will be needed and is: Movie Battles II: RC1 ZIP

The Fourth...

Wait for download finish...

...thing to do is to wait for the download to finish. The download of Movie Battles II: RC1 ZIP will probably take a while as it is over 800 MB, especially if you have a slow internet connection.

The Fifth...

...thing to do is to remove any old build of MBII. I will not explain this part deeply.

What you need to do is probably to remove any folders named "MBII" in: "/somepathtoyourgamefolder/Jedi Academy/" and: "/Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/", and remove any files containing the name "MBII" in: "/somepathtoyourgamefolder/Jedi Academy/base/" and: "/Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/base/"

The Sixth...

...thing to do is to extract the main game files (Movie Battles II: RC! ZIP), if you are downloading through Safari (if using "open secure files") the zip files should extract automatically at download location, otherwise etract the files using either Mac OS built in extractor or one of your choice. Inside the zip there are two folders, "base" and "MBII". In the former you will find "MB_BaseAssets.pk3", move/copy this file to your base folder and move/copy the MBII folder to your "GameData" folder.

The path of "MB_BaseAssets.pk3" must be either: "/somepathtoyourgamefolder/Jedi Academy/base/MB_BaseAssets.pk3" or: "/Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/base/MB_BaseAssets.pk3"

The name of the folder must be "MBII" and the path of the folder must be either: "/somepathtoyourgamefolder/Jedi Academy/MBII/" or: "/Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/MBII/"

GameData1 folder GameData2 folder

The folder called GameData on windows is not called the same in Mac, although I will still refer to it as "GameData" folder. There are actually two "GameData" folders and two "base" folders. The first "GameData" folder is: "/somepathtoyourgamefolder/Jedi Academy/" and the second is: "/Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/". Both contains a base folder. The first path is probably the fastest and easiest way for install, but if you have multiple accounts where more than one is using JA, it could be a good idea to use the the second location instead. This will let you have your MBII things for yourself. It should also work, if you would like, to put all your other third party data at this location.

The Seventh...

...thing is only if you want to check that you have done it right. This is my working file hierachy excluding (original JA files):

  • */base/
    • MB_BaseAssets.pk3
  • */"GameData"1/MBII/
    • MB2_Commtower.pk3
    • MB2_lunarbase.pk3
    • MB2_yavinassault.pk3
    • MBAssets.pk3
    • MBAssets2.pk3
    • MBEnhancedEffects.pk3
    • MBHilts.pk3
    • MBII.pk3
    • MBIITeamBinds.pk3
    • MBII_Mac.pk3
    • MBModels0.pk3
    • MBModels1.pk3
    • MBModels2.pk3
    • MBModels3.pk3
    • MBObservers.pk3
    • mb2_Botroutes.pk3
    • mb2_SDestroyer.pk3
    • mb2_TradeFed.pk3
    • mb2_dotf.pk3
    • mb2_duel_RCbridge.pk3
    • mb2_duel_cc.pk3
    • mb2_duel_dantooine.pk3
    • mb2_duel_dotf.pk3
    • mb2_duel_dunesea.pk3
    • mb2_duel_ihod.pk3
    • mb2_duel_jabba.pk3
    • mb2_duel_jeditemple.pk3
    • mb2_duel_kamino.pk3
    • mb2_duel_office.pk3
    • mb2_duel_ravager.pk3
    • mb2_duel_revan.pk3
    • mb2_duel_sabh.pk3
    • mb2_duel_senate.pk3
    • mb2_duel_starforge.pk3
    • mb2_duel_tusken.pk3
    • mb2_duel_utapau.pk3
    • mb2_duel_votj.pk3
    • mb2_enclave.pk3
    • mb2_jabba.pk3
    • mb2_jeditemple.pk3
    • mb2_korriban.pk3
    • mb2_tantiveIV.pk3
    • mb2_tatooine.pk3
    • server.cfg
    • trueview.cfg

1See notes in part six.

The Eighth...

Start MBII with program argument Start MBII with in-game mod menu

...thing to do is to start playing! But this might not be as easy as you might think, the "Play_MBII.bat" file which came along with the zip file will not work if you have ever tried that1 :(. Depending on which version of JA you have the intructions differ, with 1.0.1d or earlier you will have to hold down shift (⇧) every time you start the game until a window appears, you will be presented to a console window. As argument you want to have: "+set fs_game MBII". This will tell Jedi Academy that we want to use the MBII folder you put in your "GameData"2 folder earlier.

There is one else way to go, but it will take longer time as you will have to load the program twice every time and is unfortunately required if you use version 1.0.1e (This is killing me :(, if you have the 1.0.1 Rev C, please feel free to contact me using the address at the footer). First you start the game as usual and then go to the "Settings" menu and then click on "Mods" and then on "MBII" and then click on "Load mod". The game will restart running Movie Battles II.

1.bat (batch) files are Windows DOS files, which will be opened in Command Prompt, equivalent to the Mac's .command (command) files, which instead will open in Terminal. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be possible to pass along arguments using command-line.
2See notes in part six.

The Ninth...

...thing should not be of any interest to you. It's only if you get any problems, which you wont get from the above superb instructions. But if you got problems, it could help to try these four things first (if you got an Intel Mac skip to 4. and do the rest later):

  1. Make sure you followed the instructions properly.
  2. Remove any non MBII or non-original JA files in both of your "GameData"/base folders1 and try restarting the game.
  3. Delete2 jampconfig.cfg in /Users/yourfancyusername/Library/Application Support/Jedi Academy MP/ and try restarting the game.
  4. If you have an Intel: It will probably not work :(, however try the Movie Battles II forum for support, this thread might help: RC 1 under Mac wont run!

If these things don't work, you will be forced to look for help at other places, is probably a good place to start.

1See notes in part six.
2Doing this will reset your game settings do default. It might be a good idea to make a safety copy or move it to another location instead of deleting it.